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Location: Dallas, TX

Year Certified in Lagree: 2015

Kerry met Sebastien Lagree in 2012 when Studio 6 Fitness, Dallas opened the first of their four studios. As an athlete and fitness lover, she instantly fell in love with the Megaformer. Once she began teaching, she became even more committed to the Lagree Method & Studio 6 Fitness; the culture, fellow trainers & clients. As the Dallas studios grew from 1 to 4, Kerry also grew into various leadership roles. In 2016 she was promoted to Senior Instructor, and in 2017 the Director of Training, where she managed over 30 instructors & schedules, while teaching multiple classes weekly. Kerry participated in numerous Level 1 Certifications alongside Lagree Master Teacher Trainers to expand her knowledge and seek leadership opportunities with teacher trainings & continuing education. Her dedication and leadership catapulted her into the position of Manager of Training Development at Studio 6 Fitness. Over the years she has proven to produce exceptional, loyal instructors who respect & understand the method. She is committed to staying true to the method in her own teachings and expects the same from everyone else teaching Lagree. Plus, you can find her on the Mega at least 4-5x week, practicing what she preaches. When new instructors hit the schedule, Kerry ensures they are 110% ready, armed with the Lagree knowledge necessary to impact each and every client on the Megaformer. In 2020 She completed both Level 2 Lagree Certifications and is proud to now be Level 3 Certified as a Lagree Master Teacher Trainer. Her wealth of experience teaching Lagree, mentoring and educating others is done with passion, commitment and loyalty. Her end game for us all, is to be the best we can be while staying true to the method, science and evolution of Lagree Fitness.

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