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Location: Calgary, AB (Canada)

Year Certified in Lagree: 2014

After 15 years in the fitness industry and having built a successful personal training business, Kim committed to opening a studio of her own. Living in a city with more boutique fitness studios per capita than any other in Canada, Kim knew that Calgarians weren’t interested in another gym, spin or yoga studio so she flew to NYC on a fact-finding trip to explore and experience the latest & hottest trends in fitness. During Kim’s first Lagree workout she was hooked within the first 2 minutes of class! She instantly knew that the Lagree Method would complement every other workout and would be embraced by Calgarians.

In 2015, Kim and her husband opened their first of three studios under the brand Lagree YYC; the first Lagree studio in Western Canada. Eight years later, Kim is still as passionate as ever about the Lagree Method. Under Kim’s direction and with the support of a team of forty, Lagree YYC has been voted the top fitness centre in Calgary for five consecutive years.

As the demand for Lagree continues to expand in Canada, Kim is excited to share her passion, experience and enthusiasm for Lagree by helping new and existing Lagree studios certify new instructors, build their businesses and ensure that the patented Lagree Method is shared in a safe, consistent and meaningful manner.

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