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Location: West Hollywood, CA

Year Certified in Lagree: 2018

Lacy's passion for Lagree ignited after her first class on the Megaformer six years ago - she had never experienced that type of total body exhaustion, and slow twitch muscle fatigue since ending her athletic career with a knee injury.
Since becoming certified, Lacy has taught Lagree Fitness Supra and Megaformer classes in West Hollywood at the Lagree Fitness Studio and The Megaformer Studios.

A note from Lacy: "I signed up for my first Lagree class after hearing old school Pilates instructors trashing the method during one of my Pilates certification courses. I realized I needed something more intense than my Pilates workouts to maintain my muscle tone without living in the gym and lifting weights. After my first class, I knew that Sebastian was a genius, and I had found the workout I was looking for. He single handedly elevated the world's idea of functional fitness. My lifelong goal is to introduce the benefits and beauty of Lagree Method to as many people as possible through my personal coaching and trainings as a Senior Master Trainer of Lagree Fitness. When done correctly, the method is safe for any able body person, and should be practiced by everyone to strengthen their core and elevate their physical fitness. To this day, my knee has never bothered me again and I know I owe my total body strength and injury prevention to Lagree."

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