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Location: Long Beach, CA

Year Certified in Lagree: 2019

Mags discovered Lagree Fitness in the fall of 2018 after a trainer friend recommended the workout as a way to lean up fast, challenge limits, build strength, and inspire the mind. Intimidated and a little skeptical at first, she was thrilled to get through her first Lagree class without dying on the Mega. It’s been true love ever since.
As a former fitness writer, Mags had done nearly every workout imaginable. Even before she started writing about working out, the Iowa native had trained for triathlons, marathons, and century bike rides as a way to cope with the chaos and stress of hardcore news beats, including crime, breaking news, and national politics. She loved the dedication and discipline that training for each event required. Still, Maggie never felt or looked as fit as she hoped. Adding free weights bulked her up more than she liked. A decade later, Mags had quit endurance sports and wondered if she needed to be grateful for the body she had, suck it up, and trudge along on the elliptical machine like every other discouraged person at the gym.

Then, Lagree happened, and everything changed. The Lagree Method quickly began to build lean muscle and dissolve fat — changing her body composition — which before had felt out of reach. The low back pain that had plagued her for years all but vanished. Doing Lagree — firing up her slow-twitch muscle fibers — made Maggie stronger inside and out. She became Level 1 certified in early 2019 and began teaching at KP Body Sculpt. She moved, got busy with other work, and took a break from teaching but was still taking classes. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic shut the world down.

Of all the things that grinded to a halt during the pandemic (including her business) Mags missed Lagree the most. She saw clearly what a huge part of her life Lagree Fitness had become; not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Introspective and thinking about the future, Mags knew her calling was to give back to this Method, this brand and this life that had changed her own. So Mags jumped back into teaching, got Level 2 certified, studied everything she could about technique, alignment, form and the science of the Method — and was inspired to become a Master Trainer. Which brings her to today, Maggie is an Official Lagree Master Trainer. She teaches the Lagree Method and helps educate trainers across Los Angeles, Southern California, on our virtual platform, and around the world.

The future is bright. Lagree has introduced Mags, like many others, to an amazing tribe of healthy, like-minded, motivated people. Many are among her dearest friends. Today, Maggie loves helping clients, trainers, and studios change their lives through the magic of Lagree Fitness.

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