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Location: Hollywood, CA

Year Certified in Lagree: 2006

Mikael found Lagree Fitness over 15 years ago when he was certified by Lagree Fitness founder, Sebastien Lagree, when he started teaching at Sebastien's first studio in West Hollywood, CA. Mikael was also a full-time celebrity hairstylist of over 10 years. He moved and opened Mikael Padilla Salon in Denver, CO, all while still continuing his Lagree career and teaching at Lagree studios in Denver.

Over time, Mikael got more involved with his fitness career and received his NASM personal trainer certification. This is when he decided to sell his salon and move back to LA to pursue fitness full time. Mikael has now taught over 5,000 Lagree classes in Los Angeles and has done guest teaching and Master Teacher Certifications all over the world. He's helped studios perfect the Lagree Fitness method in Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and all over California.

Mikael is now also an ACE certified personal trainer and certified in Just Fit as an EMS trainer. Mikael has now moved on from teaching for others and opened his own studio, Lagree Underground in West Hollywood, CA. He has a very unique way of teaching this method where natural movement of the body is his key focus to achieving maximum results in each class.

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