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Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Year Certified in Lagree: 2017

My name is Mindy & I’m from SLC, Utah. I am a wife and a mother to two amazing daughters. Outside of my family, Fitness is my LIFE! I have been teaching fitness for 6 years and have come so far in my journey. I currently teach Lagree, Cycling & Barre. Before I ever tried Lagree, I was addicted. I saw it online and KNEW I needed to be a part of it. I was certified 4 years ago and have not stopped wanting to learn more & more about this amazing Method! And I will continue learning forever. This method helped me get my body back after my second cesarean. I’m amazed at the strength my core has been able to establish using the Megaformer. There is nothing like it, & nothing compares to the Lagree Fitness Method. So excited I get to be a part of the Lagree World!

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