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Location: Orange County, CA

Year Certified in Lagree: 2016

Natalie Franks began her journey with Lagree Fitness in 2012, and her life was never the same. In 2007, Natalie experienced a life-altering sports injury, resulting in five different knee surgeries, including multiple cartilage transplants. After her initial injury, doctors told her that she'd never be able to participate in any high-impact activities again. As a highly competitive athlete, you can only imagine how well that information sat with her! The first time Natalie stepped on the Megaformer, she knew she had finally found the answer – LAGREE! A low-impact method that challenged her physically, mentally, and emotionally while keeping her knee completely safe. A method that left her drenched in sweat, shaking to the core, and so mentally drawn into the 45-minute experience that she was unable to think about anything else.

While working professionally as an Occupational Therapist specializing in mental health, Natalie's passion for the Lagree Method continued to increase exponentially. This passion soon evolved into a career as a Lagree Fitness instructor. Natalie took a leap of faith and was certified in 2016 and has been instructing at Trim Fitness Studio ever since! At the end of 2020, Natalie decided to make Lagree Fitness her full-time occupation and stepped into a new role as Trim's Master Instructor.

Natalie believes that a great teacher is built by an ongoing desire and passion for learning! Every class presents an opportunity to learn about what makes each client "tick," using their own "why" as an avenue to build physical, mental, and emotional strength and resiliency. She hopes never to lose the desire to learn, innovate, and translate the passion and knowledge that she acquires to others. As a Master Trainer, Natalie is excited to help cultivate and further spread her love for Lagree Fitness worldwide.

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