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Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Year Certified in Lagree: 2021

First there was a Mega. First meeting, first training, first shock, first shake, first challenge, first drop of sweat and falling in love with the machine and the Lagree method. I was doing sports for as long as I can remember myself. But Lagree changed my perception of working out tremendously.

Becoming a Lagree instructor in 2019 and opening a studio in Istanbul was the best decision I made in my carrier. It was the beginning of the incredible journey and constant challenge and growth. Learning, teaching, inspiring, which led me to become a Master Trainer in 2021. As a Lagree Master trainer I know that now more than ever I am committed to teach and share my knowledge with anyone who is sharing the true love and passion towards the workout as much as I do. Honoured to be at your service.

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