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Sara Stimac

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Location: Portland, OR

Year Certified in Lagree: 2012

Sara is the co-founder and owner of Chromacore. Sara’s love of fitness and sports came from a shared passion with her father, John. She began in ballet and jazz as a kid but quickly outgrew her tutu and traded it in for sneakers. Sara began her fitness career as a step aerobics instructor (grapevine!). Sara counts herself blessed to have discovered Lagree Fitness during her hectic years as an entertainment lawyer in LA.

Sara is a passionate advocate for real Lagree Fitness done right. A student since 2008 and certified since 2012, Sara has taught thousands of Lagree Fitness classes and knows how to create a standout class experience. She is particularly drawn to the evolution of Lagree Fitness and was the first studio owner in the world to bring the Evo 2 lightning spring technology to pioneer the Lagree 2.0 method at her studio.

With a decade of leading Lagree Fitness certifications under her belt, Sara fulfilled her dream of becoming an official Level 3 Certified Lagree Master Teacher Trainer in 2021. Sara's specialty is knowing how to precisely use the Magic 8 and the art of effective sequencing to create classes that are known for their effective intensity. Sara has experience on the Proformer, Megaformer M3K and, most uniquely, the Evo 2.

Trainers of all levels love working with Sara. She runs a no-nonsense tight ship but does it with humor, passion and backed up with experience. People describe working with Sara as life-changing: “Everything I thought I knew about Lagree was blown out of the water and intensified. Her powerful cues, enthusiasm and smooth transitions changed everything for me.” She strives to create a supportive, positive and inclusive training environment to maximize the Lagree learning experience.

An avid sports fan, Sara brings the coaching element into her classes, along with humor and bumping beats. When she’s not inspiring you to step out of your comfort zone, Sara’s watching the Celtics, Cubs, Red Sox, Duke or the Bears (depending on the season), taking selfies with her black cats or whipping up some healthy Swedish meatballs.

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