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Location: San Clemente, CA

Year Certified in Lagree: 2014

Since 2018, Sharnee has led more than 200 Official Lagree Certifications globally and leads classes and choreography on the Lagree Proformer, Megaformer, MegaRamp, EVO, Supraformer, Microformer, Miniformer, Accessories as well as online Lagree apparatus classes. She studied with the Ballet Royal Academy of Dance as well as Pilates foundations, Matwork, and Multi-Apparatus in her home country Australia, she is ACE Group Fitness plus ACE Personal Trainer Certified as well as an ACE Education Provider in Anatomy with foundations in pre/post-natal and physio/rehab. Sharnee moved to USA to pursue her passion for Lagree and has structured with Sebastien the Advanced Level 2 Certification content in Form & Alignment and Time Effective Teaching. In her spare time, she loves surfing, swimming, kickboxing, roller-skating, and dancing and is also an accomplished singer/guitarist songwriter, and performer.

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