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Location: Zürich, Switzerland

Year Certified in Lagree: 2015

Basketball and sports have always been a part of Tresor's life. He is a former professional basketball player of 17 years, during which he played for several teams in Switzerland, all around Europe and in the European Championships. He now shares his passion with younger players by training young talents and a League B team in Switzerland.

Sports provided Tresor with so much growth, experience and knowledge and this is why he is so keen to share his knowledge and passion with others in different ways, such as being a motivational and personal trainer, through his autobiography “Un sogno tutto Svizzero”, as an ambassor for Lululemon, and of course, though Lagree Fitness Studio in Switzerland, Booster Transform. This is where Tresor initially fell in love with the Lagree Method. He knows it is a great workout for anyone and everyone and it is easily adapted to the athletes he trains, as it combines strength and flexibility with no impact on the joints. He loves being part of the Booster team, it provides a space in which he can learn from other trainers and clients, as well as educate and share his love and passion for Lagree, basketball and sports.

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