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Lagree’s Heritage Models

The Heritage Collection

Prior to 2006, Sebastien Lagree used a reformer to teach his Pilates-based bootcamp classes. However, he encountered an issue in using the traditional Pilates reformer as it is not built for fitness but for rehabilitation through stretching exercises.

In 2003, Sebastien decided to design his own machine built for a fitness regimen. His goal was to create a model that addressed what the reformer was lacking—intensity. As a strong believer in constant evolution and growth, Sebastien set out to create game-changing equipment and has done so repeatedly.

Now, Lagree Fitness offers a full range of exercise equipment models, while others (which are listed below) are retired and now exist as part of our Heritage Collection.


(Versions V1 through V6)


The Proformer was Lagree Fitness’s bigger version of the traditional reformer with more accessories that allowed for intense counter-resistance exercises. The added size of this model was created to accommodate bigger and taller participants. This model was the first to include platforms and bars on both the front and rear ends. At the time, these additions were non-existent on the traditional Pilates reformer. As a result, the Proformer single-handedly transformed the Pilates industry. Currently, the Proformer is used in many locations throughout the world but is no longer available for purchase or to include in new Lagree licensee studios.

The Megaformer M1

m1 megaformer

Due to shipping complications and issues fitting the Proformer into studios, the Megaformer M1 was born. This model was lighter and disassembled into 2 pieces for shipping purposes. In addition, the structural changes to the Megaformer M1 allowed more accessories, attachments, and improved the smoothness of the carriage glide. In addition, the M1 was the first machine with retractable shoulder rests. Currently, the M1 is still in use at many studios throughout the world but is not available for purchase or inclusion in new Lagree licensee studios.

The Megaformer M2

(Versions M2-M2S)

m2 megaformer

The Megaformer M1 quickly led to the development and creation of the Megaformer M2. The M2 was refined and designed with a slick, sharp style. In addition, the Megaformer M2 was also the first to feature the indicia, which includes the lines and numbers on the carriage. Currently, the M2 is still used in various studios but is not longer available for purchase or use in new Lagree licensee studios.

Purchase a Restored M2 Purchase a Restored M2S


To learn more about our Megaformer M3 collection and other models, visit our models page or our online shop. Lagree Fitness is changing the industry, and you can become a part of it.

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