Lagree Fitness Preferred Vendor List


Xplor Mariana Tek

Built by fitness experts, for fitness experts. Mariana Tek is the leading choice for boutique fitness studios that want to stand out. Whether you own fifty studios or a single location, Mariana Tek is built to be easy to use for both you and your team. Delight your customers with simple yet effective booking and buying flows, better understand the customer journey so you can act on key moments to drive revenue, and take control of your operations with robust insights and analytics.

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Discover hassle-free operations with fitDEGREE’s simplified studio management software. Streamline scheduling, reporting, and sales effortlessly.

Special Offer (optional): Free Spot Booking for their first 12 months ($900 value).
Contact: Nick Dennis


TeamUp, is the most recommended fitness management software for studios and their in-person, online, and on-demand services. We work with over 3500+ gyms and studios across the globe to optimize and streamline their booking, scheduling, client, payment, and online business management. With our comprehensive feature set and reporting and analytics tools, studios choose TeamUp for our world-class customer service, flexibility, ease of use, and because their customers love how easy it is to manage their memberships and receive perfectly-timed communication from their studios and favorite instructors.

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Walla is a powerful, modern studio software built to simplify studio operations, save time, and boost profitability. Designed with Lagree studios in mind, Walla’s intuitive platform automates everyday interactions with the industry-first features you and your staff need to run your studio more effectively and efficiently.

Special Offer (optional): 50% off Walla’s Marketing Suite for two months!

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The Lagree Booking agent is a state-of-the-art booking management solution tailored for Lagree Studios. Our booking agent is poised to revolutionize the way you schedule and organize your studio operations.

Special Offer: One month free for studio signups during the summit (value $899).

band of hands

Band of Hands provides the simplest way for studio owners to hire, employ and stay compliant. Wave goodbye to the headaches of being an employer. Our complete employment solution handles every aspect of employing, including hiring, onboarding, payroll, compliance, providing health benefits at no cost to the owner, paying sick time, handling workers comp and employment claims and more for one low, fixed rate. We make it simple and cost-effective for you, as a studio owner, to offload the burdens on the back end that come with being an employer.

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Clique Digital Marketing

Clique Digital Marketing is a boutique marketing agency specializing in digital media buying. Based in Los Angeles, they are a small team of specialists that top agencies and brands depend on to drive measurable results from their advertising dollars, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Using every bit of data available, they identify meaningful correlations to the metrics that matter most to the brands they work with, properly optimize ad campaigns, and continuously work to improve their partner’s businesses overall. Lagree has worked with Clique to manage their advertising for the last 3 years.

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The Sales Arms

The Sales Arms is a consulting agency that provides comprehensive support and investment protection to business owners by ensuring that core sales and marketing processes are being executed consistently and at the highest level regardless of operational unpredictability. As your dedicated professional sales team, The Sales Arms along with your dedicated account manager will begin building rapport, booking the individual for class and continuing to nurture the relationship until the prospect has been successfully converted. With us in your corner, you can rest assured that your leads are being worked thoroughly, effectively and in the most professional and personalized manner.

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Reboot specializes in tailored business infrastructure design for reformer-based studios, guiding them to transform passion into a sustainable profit model.

Special Offer (optional): Custom Sales Blueprint (worth $450)

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infiniti hr

Professional employer organization or PEO (HR, Payroll, Recruiting, Benefits) focused on total labor cost.


Contact: Jennifer Blount- Business Development Executive


NetGym's comprehensive solution for streamlining subbing and team communication has revolutionized the fitness industry by improving efficiency, communication, and member experiences. With integrations into Mariana Tek, Mindbody, and ClubReady, all sub communication is automatically filtered by format, location, and availability, and can be approved anytime, anywhere, with automatic updates to your live schedule saving managers approximately 7-10 hours of manual work per week. This time back allows studio owners and managers to dedicate more time to what truly matters - interacting with members and developing instructors.

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Rexpert Marketing

Rexpert Marketing is transforming the digital marketing industry by delivering badass results for badass clients without the salesy bullshit and unnecessary contracts. When you choose to work with the team at Rexpert, you choose the team that has one goal in mind–to increase your business’ online exposure to reach your ideal clientele. Founded on transparency, the Rexpert team grounds every part of our process in analytics and numbers to ensure time-wasting tactics are never used and true results are earned. Each website and marketing campaign is hand-designed and cared for by our team so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the business come to you.

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America’s largest provider for payroll, worker’s comp, health insurance, timekeeping retirement, & HR.

Special Offer: 15% discount on all basic payroll packages & 20% off for HR. 2 months free as well.
Contact: 973-650-4765

American Specialty Health Fitness

American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc. offers a significant opportunity for fitness centers, exercise studios, and YMCAs to participate in fitness club network programs reaching millions of members across the country through participating groups (such as health plans and employers) or directly to consumers.


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Arebesk Inc

Arebesk specializes in luxury grip socks with patented designs and grip. Creators of the first sock wash bag sold with each pair.

Special Offer: 15% of retail on website using code : LAGREESUMMIT15
Contact: 833-AREBESK


Souls. is a Lagree, Pilates, Barre & Yoga grip sock brand that is designed to enhance our customers’ workout aesthetic and experience.

Special Offer: For studios- 15% off entire order if pre-ordered at event, 10% off all items for all attendees.
Contact: Alena Abedi, Email:

Pointe Studio

At Pointe Studio we prioritize #sanityovervanity, strength over perfection and connecting the body and mind. We create fun and functional grip socks that motivate and empower.

Special Offer: 10% welcome discount for new accounts.

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Breathable, lightweight, always stylish grip socks that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Special Offer: 10% welcome discount for new accounts.


A women's athleisure brand created for vibrant women with a sophisticated sense of style.

Special Offer: TRAINER25 for 25% off full priced items at
Contact: Laura Chambers for wholesale inquiries, for marketing inquiries

NUX Active

We channel positive vibes with feel good apparel that makes you want to push through that last rep with grace and grit. Designs are chic enough to meet up for an iced chai with your girlfriends after. We are feminine. We are fierce. We set goals and achieve with our hand always outstretched and ready to uplift our community.

Special Offer (optional): Working on this

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33 threads

Our collection of brands include TAVI, exquisitely designed athleisure that fuses fashion and function, and ToeSox, the original 5-toe grip sock with strong technical features and playful designs.

Special Offer (optional): 15% off new account opening order of $1000 or more + free display 10% off any order over $750.
Terms: Applies only to new orders and cannot be combined with other orders.

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Ethos partners with boutique fitness studios to help their brands come to life.

Special Offer: 100 pairs of grip socks for $650
Contact: Will Hunt - Founder 858-923-9064



Celsius Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: CELH), is a global consumer packaged goods company with a proprietary, clinically proven formula. A lifestyle energy drink born in fitness and a pioneer in the rapidly growing energy category. CELSIUS energy drinks offer proprietary, functional, essential energy formulas clinically proven to offer significant health benefits to its users. CELSIUS energy drinks are backed by six university studies that were published in peer- reviewed journals validating the unique benefits provided by them.

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For Wellness is a functional foods powerhouse aiming to elevate ordinary routines with simple, delicious products. From a coffee supplement that combats the jitters and helps burn fat, to their tart cherry Recovery Gummies™, there's a product for every fitness journey to take you to the next level.

Special Offer: 20% OFF one-time purchases with code LAGREE20

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IMMORDL is a well-being company, mindful of producing products that are from the earth, plant-based, and sustainable. We have spent years formulating and perfecting the most powerful blend of adaptogenic herbs, superfoods, and powerful patented NITROSIGINE® bonded arginine silicate. This combination is infused with the finest Arabica coffee to create IMMORDL Nitro Super Coffee, providing a delicious LUX sensation that produces a steady, naturally time-released energy…the way nature intended, without the jitters or crash.

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We invented the first ever high intensity total body cardio climber with resistance training more than 40 years ago. The VersaClimber offers one of the most effective cardio workouts possible, providing a zero impact, full-body cardio workout that is the perfect complement to a Megaformer workout. Our new movable/stackable base VersaClimbers offer the flexibility to fit in just about any sized studio.

Special Offer: 20% off for all Lagree Fitness studios

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TRX is the global leader in functional fitness. Created by a Navy SEAL as a way of staying mission-ready in the field, TRX helps people around the world get stronger and move better with cutting-edge gear, training, and professional education that is accessible for all levels.

Special Offer: We are offering a show special on the custom package we built for Lagree. We are finalizing the landing page and a one-sheet that overviews the opportunity and will send asap.

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Being sore sucks! Check out Mad Ritual CBD Relief Rubs and Bath Bombs and ditch the ibuprofen.

Special Offer: 20% off orders at with code LAGREE20


GOJO, MAKERS OF PURELL® products, is the leading global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings. The broad GOJO product portfolio includes hand cleaning, handwashing, hand sanitizing, skin care formulas, and surface sprays under the GOJO®, PURELL®, and PROVON® brand names. GOJO formulations use the latest advances in the science of skin care and sustainability. GOJO is known for state- of-the-art dispensing technology, engineered with attention to design, sustainability, and functionality. GOJO programs promote healthy behaviors for hygiene, skin care, and compliance in critical environments.

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minky couture

Minky Couture blankets are renowned for their ultra-soft and stylish designs. Crafted from high-quality minky fabric, these blankets offer unparalleled comfort and warmth. Available in a variety of sizes and patterns, they are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any space or as thoughtful gifts to loved ones.

Special Offer: lagree50

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