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Kathy and Doug—an Inspiring Fit Couple—Share the Love with Their Local Community!

IN: Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

When it comes to showing off the incredible community that makes a fitness brand what it is, no one does it better than Lagree Fitness! Our Lagree enthusiasts, both in the United States and all around the world, continue to inspire evolution, and we couldn’t be more grateful for it! Today, we want to spend some time showing some love to an incredible couple that sets the example for “Couples who Lagree together, stay together!” Please welcome the lovely duo, Kathy and Doug.

It Started with a Kiss Fitness Routine

In typical fitness-junkie fashion, Kathy and Doug met in their country club gym and trained together for nearly a year before realizing, “Hey! We are both single—maybe we should be together.” Of course, the rest is history, and the two have been married since June 2005. Still committed to their health-conscious lives, the two spend much of their time enjoying workouts and taking their body to new levels. (It’s no wonder they would someday find the Lagree method together.) 

While the two thoroughly enjoy a good sweat in a Bikram yoga session, playing tennis, golfing, spin classes, and riding their road bikes, Kathy and Doug found that they needed something else—something that would complement all their other fitness routines while also pushing their bodies beyond their typical comfort zones. Enter the Lagree Method—the new perfect staple workout in their routine. In fact, this badass couple loves the method so much that the two purchased the new Lagree Fitness Micro for their second home in Watercolor, Florida. According to Kathy, the Micro was a game-changer, stating, “It was the only workout we were missing when we spent time in Watercolor. It truly is one of the best workouts for maintaining a strong core and long lean muscle mass.”

It Was Meant to Be Lagree 

Like many, finding the Lagree method happened by fate—and the story is no different for this extremely active couple. Kathy and Doug began attending boot camps at their local YMCA, but Kathy felt that her muscles began to bulk-up. Being the active person that she is, Kathy was not willing to sacrifice strength training and was now on the hunt for a workout that delivered strong but long, lean muscles. In 2015, she decided to try Studio 6, a Lagree Fitness studio in Dallas. 

Almost immediately, Kathy started to witness her body take shape—her muscle tone building, a full-on six-pack developing, and inches dropping from previously bulked-up areas. Needless to say, Kathy was hooked, and Doug soon caught wind of her infectious inspiration and unbelievable results. 

In February 2015, Doug joined Kathy for a sweaty, muscle-shaking class at the beautiful Dallas studio despite his skepticism initially caused by the large female-population at Studio 6. Addicted, just like Kathy, Doug decided to make it part of his weekly routine and enjoys a minimum of 3 classes per week. In fact, he is now part of the 6 am club at the Preston Hollow Studio 6 and thoroughly enjoys each workout. Since then, Doug has witnessed incredible results in his core strength and enjoys targeting muscles missed in other types of fitness routines. 

Now, the two get to reap the benefits of the Lagree method together while also challenging each other to achieve new goals in classes they are able to attend together! The couple states, “As the saying goes, 'A couple that plays together stays together’ so no better way to play together than working out on the Megaformer.”

Sharing is Caring!

After becoming full-fledged fans of the Lagree method, Kathy and Doug realized that sharing this beautiful gem with others was absolutely necessary. Kathy began promoting the workouts to others in her YMCA spin classes, and a few attended using free class passes. Now, two other gentlemen are addicted (and we aren’t surprised) and have joined Doug in the 6 am club. One of the men goes multiple days a week and is nearing his 500th class!

It is, without a doubt, an honor for the Lagree Fitness team to highlight the wonderful individuals and couples that make Lagree Fitness exactly what it is—a community of fitness lovers inspired by evolution and unending growth. Thank you, Kathy and Doug, for your constant inspiration. We admire all your hard work!


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