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Lucky to Lagree: #Fitover40, Strong, and Beautiful Lisa Rich Shares Her Love for the Lagree Fitness Method

IN: Lucky to Lagree

Age is just a number, but when you can proudly state that you are #fitover40, there’s reason to be proud! Today, we are here to share the story of one hard-working, determined, fit machine who is not only the mother to a beautiful daughter, a wife to an awesome husband, and a full-time employee (for two jobs—umm, can you say AMAZING?!), but a Lagree-enthusiast who floods the world around her with positivity and happy vibes! Please welcome, Lisa Rich, an inspiration that we are honored to share.

When the Stars Align, a Lagree Fitness Studio Might Open Just for You

Lisa first heard of the Lagree method over social media, when a friend of hers shared a few photos and clips of her practicing the Lagree method! Curious, of course, Lisa decided she would give the method a try should the opportunity ever present itself. Well, turns out, the stars aligned and a new Lagree studio, Evolve Lagree, was just opening right by her home in Katy, Texas! Her friend, who had shared the photos of her Lagree workout, joined in for moral support, and BOOM, the rest was history.

After not having worked out regularly for more than 12 years, Lisa was determined to make a permanent change in her life and used this as a starting point for getting back in shape. So, in October 2019, Lisa started taking two classes a week. In December, the studio held a challenge to attend 12 classes in 20 days, and there was no way Lisa was going to pass up on a challenge (Hello, bad bit** vibes!). With a going-all-in-attitude and this badass challenge, Lisa’s routine to attend 5 classes a week had been kick-started! 

In June 2020, Lisa has surpassed her 100th class and has now set a goal to attend her 250th class in March 2021! (And we have no doubts that she’ll surpass this goal as well!)

It’s Not Just a Method, Issa Whole Vibe

Lisa admits that while the Lagree moves may look easy over Instagram and Facebook, the method itself is actually quite challenging. In fact, in January 2020, Lisa was allowed to invite 9 friends to try Lagree. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, like CrossFit and weight training, Lisa’s friends were shocked to find just how difficult the method is! In just one class, they had discovered muscle groups they didn’t know exist and some even admitted to that workout being the most challenging they had ever endured. As Lisa explains, being able to complete a class, then class after class, of such a demanding fitness method only boosts her confidence and pushes her even more.

When asked how the Lagree method has improved her life, Lisa shared:

“Without a doubt, Lagree makes you feel stronger—immediately.  After my first week, I could see a difference. The Lagree method fits any fitness level, and you control how much of yourself you put into it. Not only has it made me physically stronger, but it has also made me stronger mentally stronger, too. The instructors at Evolve Lagree have a lot to do with that. The vibe in the class is uplifting and encouraging, and they take a personal interest in making sure you do better and that you get the most out of the workout. I love the way Lagree has built up my confidence, removed any fear of failure with exercise, and given me a better perspective of my body. Lagree has given me an inner strength that no other workout has done for me.”

Lisa, all we can say is you are one bad bi*** that we are so lucky to know! Your drive is exactly the drive we hope to continue spreading to fitness-junkies everywhere. Thank you for your dedication and the way that you continue to inspire Lagree Fitness’ evolution!

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