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Lucky to Lagree Together: They (Mark and Carla) Like Big Butts and They Cannot Lie!

IN: Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

When your workout is as nice as your butt, someone’s head will turn! That was definitely the case for one amazing couple who fell in love due to booty-admiration. While it may not be your typical love story, it is a damn good one that our team at Lagree Fitness would love to share. Of course, we have to add, great booties are made with the Lagree method—and this couple can affirm that!

It Was Love at First Sight (of the Butt)

(You read that right. Butt. That’s exactly what caused this incredible couple to fall head over heels for one another.) Mark and Carla met more than 20 years ago when Carla was out with a few friends. Having glanced at Mark’s rear-end, Carla blushingly said to her friends, “Gosh, he has a nice butt!” Apparently, some nosy neighbor (and thank god they did) overheard her comment and divulged the secret to Mark. Within seconds, Mark turned around, and that’s when the two locked eyes. Twenty years later, six grand-children deep, and a whole lot in common, including sports, traveling, fitness, cooking, and more—the two are more in love than ever before. (Oh, we forgot to mention that the two are still fond of each other’s assets—thanks partly to the Lagree method!)

Lagree is Life

Carla was first introduced to the Lagree method when a good friend of hers told her about Lagree Pulse 45! Being that she had recently retired as a personal trainer and business owner, Carla had high expectations and wasn’t ready to settle for a less-than-mediocre workout. What Carla craved was a challenging and motivating routine that demanded her attention and fitness every second of every set. Needless to say, Carla was floored (almost literally) and completed hooked. Her next challenge? Getting her husband to try the workout for himself!

Like other men who seem to think the Lagree method is “for girls,” Mark was skeptical of giving the method a try. But, convincing him didn’t seem like much of a challenge once Carla explained that one of the owners, Jesse, was also a golf enthusiast—because that’s exactly what got Mark to walk in the door. The rest…well, like all the others, the rest was history and Mark became a full-blown Lagree enthusiast.

So, What About the Method Keeps Them Coming Back?

Years of high-impact sports and physical demand have caused Carla and Mark to suffer a number of injuries, which, of course, resulted in limited mobility, strength, flexibility and endurance. Combined with Mark’s knee replacement and Carla’s foot surgeries, the two were desperate to find a fitness program that would allow them to achieve their desired level of fitness without high impact. The Lagree method allows this lovely couple to work their muscles to fatigue, push through their limits, and regain the requirements to continue an active lifestyle. 

Aside from the physical benefits that the Lagree method offers, Carla and Mark thoroughly enjoy the method for other reasons. When asked what keeps these two coming back for more, Carla elated: “Our relationship has certainly become stronger doing what we always loved and enjoyed.  We work-out together 3-4 times a week.  We leave each class fulfilled, excited and totally awe-inspiring!  We have been attending classes for almost 2 years.  We are totally committed and know for certain, even at our age, that working out together is much more satisfying, rewarding and fun with the one you love!”

Our team at Lagree Fitness is proud to have created a method that not only allows individuals to achieve their fitness goals (and well beyond them), but also to have created opportunities for couples to sweat and shake together! We are grateful for couples like Carla and Mark, who continue to inspire those around them and our team as well! 

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