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Studio Spotlight: BURN is Making Moves and Doing the Lagree Fitness Name Justice!

IN: Studio Spotlight

Hard work and accountability. If there are two things that can amplify one’s uniqueness, they are these things—and nothing could be truer for BURN, one Lagree Fitness studio that is elevating the Lagree Fitness game! It’s no wonder their clients leave every class feeling empowered and coming back for more. 


By intensifying each workout and adding a twist to the traditional Lagree method, this studio is truly setting itself apart. But more than that, the energy of the BURN instructors is contagious, and they’re sure to spread it like wildfire—every class, every movement, every time. Beyond just the classes that come with their own twist and flair, this studio is also channeling that energy outside of every workout and ensures that every client gains the benefits of the Lagree method not just physically, but mentally as well. Rebecca Costa, owner of BURN, explains how: 

“You’ll find a solid and loyal community here. No judgments. We really take pride in helping folks work through whatever barriers they may be facing with a new routine and community. We know your name. We encourage you to be consistent. We notice when you don’t show up and hold you accountable for the promise you made to yourself.”

But, of course, there was a time when the Lagree method was just a story waiting to be told to Rebecca, and we are here to share just how the method came to be such an important focus in her life---so much so that she needed to share it with anyone else she could.

Mind. Body. Focus.

Before ever having practiced the Lagree method, Rebecca taught and practiced yoga. While she enjoyed her practice and excelled in teaching, she found herself still in search of a strength training routine. As a resident of San Francisco at the time, Rebecca found herself stumbling across a Lagree studio and, as they say, the rest was history.

She fell in love with the idea of spending less time and more intensity on a single workout. She loved how engaged each part of her body felt after every class, and more than anything, she loved how the method demanded an intense mind-body focus during every movement. It was at that point that she decided Lagree would become a forever part of her routine. 

Now, she is able to share this same passion with her clients and empowers them to realize they are truly unlimited both in mind and body. As Rebecca elates, the goal at BURN is to have clients leave with one thought in mind: "Damn, that was a kickass class and fucking awesome energy!" (Rebecca, you are doing the Lagree Fitness brand justice—and we fucking love you for it.)

When it comes to amplifying the way the Lagree method is done, BURN has it down. Our team at Lagree Fitness is honored to be represented with so much integrity and grit in mind. Studios like BURN are what make this brand what it is, and we couldn’t be more grateful! BURN, we look forward to all the badassery to come!

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