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Studio Spotlight: Jumping In the Deep End with The Lagree Method

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At Lagree Fitness, we have a special place in our heart for the studios that make our brand what it is. The studio owners, the instructors that teach within, and the clients that attend each class collectively inspire our team at headquarters to continue evolving. We are grateful for the Lagree Fitness community and those that continue to push it to new levels. 

Today, we wanted to share just a bit about The Lagree Method, an incredible Lagree studio located in Dublin, Ohio, and their journey to becoming a social hot spot in their area!

In the Words of Biggie Smalls, “It Was All a Dream”—Until It Wasn’t 

Before opening their very own Lagree studio, Lauren and Ryan Moore fell in love with the Lagree method for health and wellness reasons. After sustaining a serious shoulder injury in a skiing accident, Ryan was left suffering from persistent pain. Similarly, Lauren suffers from chronic neck and knee pain, making it difficult for these two to find workout routines and methods that are compatible with their ailments. That is, until they met the Lagree method.

While on the search for an intense, endurance-training method, Lauren and Ryan stumbled across The Lagree Studio in Austin, Texas. It was love at first sweat. These two conquered their first Lagree class and realized the possibilities of training intensely and achieving their desired level of fitness without aggravating the injured areas of their bodies. That’s when they knew that this method would forever be part of their lives. However, they didn’t yet know that they would one day open up their very own studio.

Jumping All In

After visiting Ryan’s hometown in Columbus, Ohio, this lovely couple realized that there were only a few Lagree studios throughout the state and agreed that the demand for more studios might be greater than they thought. That’s when these two held hands and jumped right into the deep end!

Lauren quit her career as a physician’s assistant and Ryan quit his as the President/CEO of a transportation company. In early 2020, the couple moved to Dublin, Ohio, tied the knot, and opened their studio, The Lagree Method, a week later. Now, even through the pandemic, Lauren and Ryan are grateful to have taken the leap of faith together and have found joy in curating an atmosphere that is founded on an educational focus of the method and that invites all to sweat, shake, and feel great! Every class taught at The Lagree Method is raw, pure, and is taught in accordance with the teachings of Sebastien Lagree himself.

Not All Studios are Created Equal

At The Lagree Method, the focus remains the same: to ensure each client leaves free of pain and proud of the sweat and shaking they have endured! As a judgement-free atmosphere and a place where everyone knows each other’s name, The Lagree Method remains a social hot spot in Dublin with only growth in mind!

We are proud of the studios that continue to push the limits of what it looks like to be a Lagree studio! The individuality of each allow studio owners to create unique atmospheres that invite others to become part of the Lagree community. We are forever thankful for studios like The Lagree Method and their efforts to further evolve the Lagree Fitness name!

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