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Studio Spotlight: Lagree House is in the House—And They’re Making Moves!

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At Lagree Fitness, we believe our method is for anyone and everyone! When Sebastien Lagree created the method, he had one thing in mind: To deliver results for any age and fitness level—and he delivered just that. As such, we are beyond thrilled when Lagree Fitness studios, and their owners, push that same energy and more into their craft and the places that truly build the Lagree Fitness name.

Today, we’d like to feature one incredible Lagree studio located in beautiful Columbus, Ohio. Please welcome Lagree House, a studio that channels nothing but positive energy and hard work!

How It All Went Down

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about how this studio came to be is the love for the workout that its creation stems from. Jamie, one of the studio owners, originally fell in love with the workout while living in Atlanta and moving through postpartum recovery. As someone who was in need of a workout that provided both accessibility and unlimited modifications but still challenged her body, Jamie’s search was one with slim pickings. That is—until she found the Lagree method. As it happens with most, the workout stopped Jamie in her tracks, and she became a Lagree method fan forever. 

It wasn’t too long after Jamie that Jacqui, another owner of this pristine studio, matched her passion and dedicated herself to client experience and curating a beautiful space that welcomes guests. Together the two have created a balanced and inviting studio with the most effective and challenging workout possible.

They Keep Bringing the Heat—But Not Just Physically!

Aside from providing the hottest workout for their guests, Lagree House’s team is committed to making a space where guests truly feel cared for and loved. So much of Jamie and Jacqui’s time is spent thinking up ways to show appreciation for their clients. Whether it’s bringing in fresh flowers or surprising them with little goodies, it’s safe to say that Lagree House clients know there is always a place that allows them to feel supported by unique instructors who bring their own energy and dedication to each class. After all, it’s a HOUSE where everyone is able and welcome.

When asked about the most important part of training their clients, Lagree House responded, “Our clients are strong when they walk in, and stronger when they walk out. We want them to put it all on the Lagree Fitness Megaformer and leave with a feeling of empowerment and accomplishment--ready to let that energy carry them through the rest of their day.” It’s no wonder that the three best words to use to describe this studio are: Inviting, Humbling, Empowering.

Lagree Fitness is proud to have such an incredible studio powered by amazing women represent our brand. The energy your team brings to every class and every client is unreal! We look forward to what you will do next!

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