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Studio Spotlight: Mega Barre Youngstown is Changing the Game—In Their Studio & Town!

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Do you know what Lagree Fitness loves about supporting other studios? Watching them evolve, grow, and change. We love when they break molds and show the world just what they are made of. That’s exactly what this studio has done since the day they opened their doors, and that pattern isn’t changing anytime soon.

Introducing Mega Barre Youngstown, a thriving and successful boutique fitness studio located in Northeast Ohio. Today, we’d like to share a little bit about their journey and why we just can’t get enough of them (and neither can their clients).

About This Youngstown Studio and How They Got Started

In 2013, Laura Zavadil, an ex-professional dancer, who was absolutely obsessed with bootybarre decided it was time to open her very own studio. Fast-forward just a bit of time, this little studio became quite the hit! The best part about it? The energy they put out is all about the clients, not about the pretense or the price tag. (Can you say perfect?)

Three years after opening, Mega Barre Youngstown welcomed Erica Flemming, the owner of the Megaformer studio who added a few Megaformers and the Lagree Fitness method, making this studio the perfect place for those who love fusion fitness group classes. 

Now, this duo and their team of talented and educated teachers ensure every client receives a well-rounded, fun, effective and safe workout. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

The Journey to Falling in Love with the Lagree Fitness Method

The love and addiction for Lagree Fitness all started with an impromptu trip to New York City in August 2018. After that, the studio was changed forever. Erica and Laura decided to take a random fitness class while on their trip and, lo and behold, the two fell in love. That’s when they realized they could grow Barre Youngstown beyond what they were doing at the time. Since adding the Lagree method to their studio, they’ve seen many of their clients grow stronger, lose weight, gain endurance, gain confidence, and so much more!

As the Lagree method was designed to do, Mega Barre Youngstown’s clients are pushing

themselves past what they thought was possible and truly discovering a mind-body connection. As Erica states, “We love that you can achieve all of these things while protecting your BODY! We preach working smarter and not harder!” And that’s just what the Lagree method does. 

What Sets This Studio Apart? 

As both business owners and working moms, Erica and Laura understand how difficult it can be to squeeze in a workout. With that in mind, they’ve curated an atmosphere that welcomes the busy-bees and allows them to find joy in their day, all while crushing goals and cheering one another on. 

If you’re looking for a studio that will treat you like family, it’s time for you to visit Mega Barre Youngstown! Our team at Lagree Fitness absolutely loves this studio and everything they stand for. Keep evolving—it’s the Lagree way!


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