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Studio Spotlight: Re/forme is Changing the Game One Class at a Time!

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At Lagree Fitness, we believe evolution is the key to success in all areas of life! Whether you’re a business owner, an athlete, a fitness junky, or a professional, evolution is crucial to continuous growth and improvement. Our team is lucky to be backed by some incredible studios who make evolution the foundation of their classes and atmospheres—and today we are here to share one special studio who does just that! 

Welcome, Re/forme, a Lagree Fitness studio located in beautiful, lively Houston, Texas!

Not All Studios are Created Equal

When studio owner Meghan McAlpine created Re/forme, she had one goal in mind—to create a studio that offered the classic Lagree method and delivered killer workouts every single day and every single class. She did just that.

Within a clean, luxe space that screams “I’m a badass,” clients are guaranteed a sweaty, shaky workout in a place that inspires community and confidence. When clients leave a class, they walk away knowing they are one step closer to their health and fitness goals (and many discover muscles they never knew they had)!

Advancements and Modifications are Key to Each Client’s Success

At Re/forme, instructors don’t utilize a one-size-fits-all approach because each client is different and may require modifications depending on their current fitness status, ailments, and fitness goals. As Meghan states, “We want everyone to walk out of the studio feeling confident in themselves after making it through a killer workout, leaving stronger than when they walked in.” That’s why every class includes advancements and modifications for those wishing to push their workout to an even higher level and those who are easing into a new fitness routine or method. Regardless of a client’s starting point, they can guarantee a 45-minute workout that will have them falling head over heels (which may or may not be from those shaking muscles) for a method they’ll love forever!

The Community that Sets Each Other On Fire

With a studio specially curated to involve a sense of community, it’s no wonder that this studio brings together a group of like-minded individuals who accept and promote individuality. As such, Re/forme has become a place where any person can enter, be themselves, and push their body past limitations—all while being cheered on by those surrounding them! Together, each client is challenged to reach new goals and celebrated when those goals are achieved.

In turn, this incredible group of clients continues to challenge Meghan and the other instructors to evolve as they get stronger and crave more each and every workout!

Re/forme, your energy is contagious, and we are so grateful to have your studio pushing the idea of evolution alongside us! We can’t wait to watch what you do next! Keep killin’ it!

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