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Studio Spotlight: The Butcher Shop Means Business (If You Couldn’t Tell by the Name)

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Imagine yourself in an intimate, dark yet inviting space that flaunts wild lighting and overlooks a woodsy forest. Now imagine it’s just you and the Megaformer. Tranquil. Challenging. Dare we say…sexy? Well, that’s what you get when you find yourself in two if the most unique fitness studios we have ever seen! Please welcome The Butcher Shop, two Lagree Fitness studios located in beautiful Columbus, Ohio.


So, What’s This Studio All About?

At The Butcher Shop, the team has curated an atmosphere founded on community and belongingness. With an intent to connect with every client that walks in, there is an undeniable communal energy in every inch of the studio. As the team states, “This is our home away from home, and we want others to feel that too.”  But, as always, that isn’t their only mission. 


The team explains just a bit more about why they’re different than the rest:

Here at the Shop, we strengthen, support, and encourage clients in all stages of life. Whether it's a top competitor or a fitness novice, our Butchers are committed to making this workout accessible for each and every person who walks through our doors.  Our promise is a premium cut, every time, for every ONE.


It’s Just a Lagree Thing. (If You Know, You Know.)
Of all the workouts The Butcher Shop could provide, it’s the Lagree Fitness method—and for good reason! The Butchers fully embody the Lagree method both in the method and how they teach, and that’s what keeps every client coming back for a bit more shaking. As we Lagree-enthusiasts know, the method demands intentional presence since every adjustment can be the difference between effectiveness and Lagree-shakes (ultra-effectiveness). In just 50 minutes, each client of The Butcher Shop tunes into their bodies, feels every movement, and challenges each muscle accordingly. There is no better way.

We gotta say, it takes a lot to impress our team at Lagree Fitness, but The Butcher Shop did just that! We’re mesmerized by their creativity, their commitment to clientele, and the way they continue to elevate the Lagree Fitness game! Keep being badass, Butchers!

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