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Studio Spotlight: The Studio FORM Pushes the Meaning of Community!

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When it comes to creating and embodying a sense of community that continues to empower others, we like to think our Lagree Fitness team does it best! Our favorite thing ever? Sharing Lagree Fitness studios that channel this same energy! Today, we’d like to highlight a gorgeous studio that not only pushes their clients to be better, stronger, and more whole but that also pushes us, the team at Lagree Fitness Headquarters, to continue building a community that is unique and empowering.

Incoming The Studio FORM—a Houston studio that is as beautiful as the people that teach there!

Community Keeps ‘Em Coming Back for More

At The Studio FORM, the owners and instructors don’t just place emphasis on showing clients how to improve their physical appearance—they also emphasize the importance of mental health and mental toughness. In fact, their greatest emphasis is on creating a space where every person feels like they belong. 

Whether it’s a person’s 100th time visiting the studio or a person’s first time popping in, this incredible group of individuals is committed to cultivating a space where every person feels seen, heard, welcomed, and loved. In doing so, clients relish in their sense of accomplishments, both physically and mentally, and continue coming back for more!

But, of course, that isn’t it. This beautiful community of badasses also helps more than just their clients! They pride themselves on philanthropy, too.

Give, Give, and Give More

In addition to creating a place of empowerment within their studio, The Studio FORM also gives back to local charities through their Giving Back Program. Through this program, this team strives to provide a community for each person to better themselves while bettering the lives of others throughout the community. As they state, “We’re all about feelin’ good while doin’ good!”

The Studio FORM, we are blessed to have you as part of the Lagree Fitness team. We are proud of this community you have built and look forward to watching all your growth in the years to come. You truly embody the spirit of Lagree Fitness—and it’s contagious!

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