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The Couples that Lagree Together Stay Together—Just Ask Natalie and Andy!

IN: Couples Who Lagree Together, Stay Together

At Lagree Fitness, we are dedicated to sharing our love and appreciation for those who enjoy our method and equipment! Above all else, we love hearing about how Lagree Fitness has continued to inspire others, becoming part of a daily routine for some—sometimes even couples. This week, we’d like to put one lovely couple in the spotlight. Without further ado, we’d like to share a bit about Natalie and Andy, a husband and wife who have committed themselves to practice Lagree together!

The Short Run-Down of This Lovely Couple

Love comes in the most surprising, beautiful ways, and that was definitely the case for this incredible couple. Natalie and Andy met on eHarmony! While neither thought they would find each other through a dating app, they did—and the rest is history. Now, the two have been married for more than five years and have the pleasure of raising a rambunctious two-year-old son, Colton, together. Aside from Andy serving as the pastor at a nondenominational church in Orange and Natalie serving as an Occupational Therapist specializing in mental health, the two remain dedicated to an active, healthy lifestyle. It’s to no surprise, then, that Natalie is also a Lagree Fitness instructor at Trim Fitness Studio in Orange County.

Where the Love for Lagree Began 

After several knee surgeries, which included two cartridge transplants, Natalie found it difficult to find movement and exercise to effectively strengthen and tone while preventing her from suffering from knee pain. That is until she found Lagree in 2012 after graduating from USC. It was love at first shake.

Every class presented a new opportunity for Natalie to show up and conquer a challenge, and boredom never occurred because each class was wildly different. But now, it was Andy’s turn to meet the high intensity, low impact workout that Natalie couldn’t stop talking about. After some light coaxing and one trial run, Andy was hooked, too. He began taking classes at a local Lagree studio near his house and, as if the story couldn’t get any better, the studio was actually Trim Fitness Studio—where Natalie later became certified in the Lagree method and now teaches others who have come to adore the method as well.

What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger—and Lagree Hasn’t Killed them Yet!

While parenting a toddler is no easy task while managing busy schedules, Natalie and Andy dedicate 45 minutes a day to slowing down—and we mean really slowing down—to practice the Lagree method. Each class serves as a reminder for the couple to take the time to care for themselves, both in body and mind. In turn, the two reap the benefits of more strength and more energy to love each other and care deeply for their loved ones. Without a doubt, the couples that Lagree together, stay together!

Our team at Lagree Fitness loves sharing these kinds of stories, and we are proud to have such committed Lagree enthusiasts that not only share their passion publicly but privately and within their personal relationships. Thank you, Natalie and Andy, for sharing your beautiful story with us.


Love, light, and Lagree.

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