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What Makes the Lagree Method So Effective?


What Makes the Lagree Method So Effective?

Those researching Lagree Fitness and the method that Sebastien Lagree has produced often wonder what it is exactly that makes the Lagree method such an effective workout that delivers quick results. Of course, anything that produces such effective results is not produced without unique qualities in mind, and that’s what sets this fitness method apart from all the rest.

With every facet of a workout in mind, Sebastien Lagree, founder and creator of Lagree Fitness, designed an entire fully patented method backed by perfectly engineered equipment and certified Lagree Fitness instructors who deliver this successful method.

The Birth of a Method that Has Changed the Fitness Industry

In 1998, shortly after moving to the United States to pursue his passion for fitness, Sebastien Lagree developed the Lagree method and transformed what the fitness industry once knew as the common, slow-paced Pilates workout into a dynamic, result-producing exercise routine that causes users to sweat, shake, and realize their true fitness potential. Now, the Lagree method is recognized as the most effective and fastest-growing workout in the industry.

What Makes this Method So Different than the Rest?

When creating the method, Sebastien knew that in order to deliver an effective workout that is sure to produce quick results, he must first develop a way to incorporate the most important, fundamental qualities of fitness while also creating one that is low-impact and high-intensity. The challenge was one perfect for Sebastien as his passion to create research-driven technology is what leads his inventions. And, so, the Lagree method was formed and built on a foundation which places emphasis on the following every single class:

  • Core
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Endurance

Due to this science-backed method, clients of Lagree Fitness gyms reap the benefits of toning, tightening, and strengthening their bodies in just a few classes. It’s no wonder the method has earned its reputation as the superior approach to total body transformation.

Can Anyone Do Lagree?

Because the method is high-intensity yet true to the principles of a low-impact workout, nearly any person can participate in the Lagree method, regardless of body type, age, or current endurance.

The Equipment Makes the Lagree Method Possible

Of course, without Lagree Fitness equipment, the Lagree method would also cease to exist. Thankfully, Sebastien sees no end to his technological developments, and, so, as Lagree Fitness equipment is further developed, so is the method, treating all Lagree-clients to an ever-evolving workout that continues to deliver exceptional results. With the first piece of Lagree equipment, the Proformer, which launched in 2006 and the numerous models of equipment that Sebastien has developed since then, it is to no surprise that the method improves exponentially every year.

What Makes Lagree Fitness Equipment So Unique?

Unlike other fitness methods that rely on unaltered, non-evolving equipment, Sebastien continues to critique and modify his own inventions to better serve Lagree-goers. As referenced earlier in the article, Sebastien first developed the Proformer after carefully analyzing and critiquing the original Pilates reformer. He realized that while the reformer might deliver some results, the results would be slow and, in many cases, ineffective. After diving into science-based research, Sebastien would create a piece of equipment so effective that it could no longer be compared to the reformer.

The Proformer was a machine far ahead of its time. It included additional platforms, incorporated more handlebar accessories, and heavily included the use of counter-resistance technologies. With all these aspects carefully considered during the design process, the Proformer was able to deliver expedited results to Lagree participants. Fascinated with the Proformer’s abilities, it was not long before Sebastien would begin creating his next game-changing machine.

Fast-forward to today, Lagree Fitness equipment now includes more than a dozen different machines, each serving as an improvement of its predecessor. Lagree Fitness now holds 80 patents, making it the leader of evolution in the industry.

Lagree-Certified Instructors Contribute to this One-of-a-Kind Method

Every Lagree instructor has undergone and passed intense training so that Lagree-attendees can reap the benefits of a quick and effective workout. As the Lagree Fitness brand continues to evolve, as does the equipment, so do Lagree instructors as they are encouraged to pursue continuous training which focuses on the specifics of the method and is led by Sebastien Lagree himself.

Because of the prerequisites required before instructors can deliver the Lagree method, Lagree instructors stand as one of the primary reasons attendees are able to achieve exceptional results in a short amount of time.

Let the Lagree Method Deliver Your Best Body Today

Evolution—it’s what we are here at Lagree Fitness. If you are ready to become part of the movement as a Lagree certified instructor, are interested in opening your own Lagree Fitness studio, or would like to transform your body with the fastest result-delivering workout, get in touch with our team. Led by Sebastien Lagree, the only workout method creator to still be in practice, our work here is never done—and yours shouldn’t be either.

Find a Lagree gym near you or find out what it takes to become part of the evolution!

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