October 2018 Success Story

October 2018 Success Story

Congratulations Lindsay Simpkins on being our Lagree Fitness Success Story for October!

"Four years ago I injured my hip on a spin bike. I was in nursing school at the time and could not have the required surgery for several years because it was a six month recovery process and I had just started the nursing program.

I had been a runner prior to the injury, running upwards of 40 miles per week. I had not been able to exercise at all after the injury. I was balancing my steps throughout the day. just so I could walk my dogs when I got home from work or school.

I eventually had hip surgery when I graduated and this was not a success. I still was in a lot of pain everyday, but it was less than before. I began working out and doing pilates to strengthen my core. At this point I was walking with a limp, and now had back pain from over compensation for my hip.

I began pilates to strengthen my core so I didn't stress my back as much. I was told if I stuck with mat pilates it would be better for me than being on the reformer and that it would force me to rely on my body rather than the machine to strengthen my core.

Well I would workout, and then be in more pain for two days following - but it was a fair tradeoff for me because I was at least getting a workout in, which I found beneficial to my mental health as well.

I eventually had a second surgery and had much better results. I still have pain every day but it is manageable.

I found InstaPhysique by accident while visiting a local restaurant next door. I thought I would give it a try, and my life has never been the same. Their low impact motto is the key to my ability to do the workout.

I tried every workout possible before Insta, but the high impact of most workouts would lay me up in bed, hardly able to walk after. The Megaformer is the ultimate machine that is the key to why this workout works!

The low impact exercises will task your body like no other. I have considerable less pain than after my second surgery, and it is because of InstaPhysique as I am able to strengthen my entire core so my body works a one unit.

I now attend 3-4 days a week regularly, and have seen huge changes in my body. I was lucky because I wasn't overweight, but just very out of shape. I saw transformation results immediately, and keep seeing them with every week that I go! It has now been 6 months.

My daughter, my husband, my mother, her sister, and multiple friends of mine all joined InstaPhysique because they saw how it changed my life and body so much. We all love it and integrate it into our daily routines."

- Lindsay


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