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Location: Jersey City, NJ

Year Certified in Lagree: 2019

After spending over a decade of ballet training with some of the country’s most elite programs, Kyra hung up her pointe shoes and jumped on a plane to Southeast Asia at 16 years old. From boxing on the beaches in Thailand to climbing the great wall, she discovered her love of travel, exploration and making new connections. Finding her way back to the States, Kyra landed in Jersey City, where she explored several careers before finding her passion for Real Estate. Six exciting years later, she found herself more and more enthralled with the world of fitness and, more specifically, her weekly Lagree Megaformer® classes. Kyra made the leap of faith to join the Lagree community of trainers, and soon joined a prominent Megaformer studio in the Metropolitan Area where she honed her skills and zeal for the Lagree Method. While her passion developed from the workout, teaching, and living, the Method became her own personal therapy.

Joining the Master Trainer team has allowed Kyra to deepen her own craft and has presented the opportunity for her to spread the Lagree light on Jersey City and the Northeast. Kyra strives to share her zeal for the Method by detailing the history, science and methodology of the Lagree Method. With an emphasis on the importance of the foundations of the exercises, her goal for all trainees and clients will always be to challenge, inspire, and educate.

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